FlashMaster / Guttertech Inc. 
Ideas Converted to Metal /  Manufacturer of Commercial Rainware

Located on historic U.S. Route 66 in Villa Ridge, Missouri!

For over 50 years, FlashMaster / Guttertech Inc. have been providing customers in the greater St. Louis and surrounding areas with high quality commercial and residential architectural sheet metal products at affordable prices. 

FlashMaster's line includes 14 products, from valley flashing and pitch pans to gravel stop and roof edging, offered in popular sizes, colors and materials.

We stock many of these products, which enables us to provide excellent customer service. Also, our flashings are pre-notched - a feature that eliminates the need for costly field notching and clean-up.

A recent addition to our material choices for commercial products is 24 ga. white TPO-coated steel.

Guttertech makes scupper boxes and faux scuppers (patented products) and smooth dounspout, that are designed to make an appealing presentation of a commercial or residential project. 


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